Bon dia sunrise tour

This buggy tour starts at the historic “kas di kunuku” in the beautiful suburb of Wacao.
You will be welcomed by hostess Sharalin ( with a local refreshing drink and a tour of the garden and house. These houses were built by the first freed slaves without tools. They are a protected cultural heritage. The banda bou experience has now started well and it is time to get into the buggies.

We first drive through the interior (here we call it: kunuku) of Curaçao where you get a good idea of ​​rural life on Banda Abou. Along the way you can enjoy the view of a beautiful hill on which the divi divi tree grows. Here we do a little quiz for music lovers.
After this, the tour continues through the mondi (forest) on the inhospitable north coast. This is easy with our prepared John Deere Gators, which are suitable for difficult back roads that you cannot reach with a standard (rental) car. We regularly stop along the way to tell interesting and funny stories.

We also make a few stops here:

  • Boka Patrick:  the rough sea brings a lot of driftwood and (unfortunately) plastic ashore here. Be amazed at the natural separation.
  • Natural jacuzzi (Suplado):  Here the sea comes out of a blowhole with great force. Wonderfully refreshing and beautiful to see.
  • Wacawa Viewpoint:  At this point with a view of the Wacawa defense training area, the wild sea, the Hato plain with the airport in the distance, you can enjoy a refreshment.
  • Country house Ascencion: This beautiful country house has a scary story….

The last stop is at a lovely private beach on the south coast, Hundu. Here you can sunbathe, swim and/or snorkel. 

After a last look or dive, we will take you back to the Kunuku house where a light lunch awaits you. We are convinced that you will look back on this special day with great pleasure! 

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