Curaçao Creations offers authentic gifts and souvenirs made by our artisans in our own shop. With love and knowledge of Curaçao culture for you.

Since the beginning it has been our mission to supply the local and international market with authentic arts, crafts and gifts, all handmade in Curaçao with as much cultural touch as possible.

In 1983 Kas di Arte Kòrsou was founded by Ossandra Lewis – Nieuw and Grace Martijn. It all started at Schrijnwerkerstraat 14, in the heart of Otrobanda, Willemstad, Curaçao.

Our Products are local arts, crafts from as many artists and craftsmen as possible, gifts, give a ways, rekuerdo’s etc.

A brief summary of the work we do:
We do glass engraving for weddings, mother’s day, father’s day, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and any other occasion you may think of.
We work with all materials in special orders and also do repairs.

We make sure we give all our customers the best service possible.

Now at Witteweg 58, we sell mostly our own products only. Wholesale and retail.
And custom made products

We also have selling points in various areas of Curaçao.

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