Steenrijk is a neighbourhood of Willemstad, Curaçao. It is located about one kilometre south-east of the centre of Willemstad, and has the highest population density of the island

Steenrijk used to be a forested area. In 1791, the Maria Pompoen plantation was established. In 1804, the Steenrijk plantation followed. Both plantations were small scale. Until 1925, the economy was based on subsistence agriculture and fishing. The booming oil and phosphate industry of the early 20th century, resulted in a population increase, and the transformation of Steenrijk into a residential zone.

The Dutch word “steenrijk” translates to “filthy rich”, however Steenrijk is a poor neighbourhood with an average income of 22% below the average for Curaçao.

Steenrijk has a large amount of shops, supermarkets, bars, restaurants and hotels. During World War II, a coastal battery was built in Steenrijk to protect the island from U-boats. The ruins of the battery can still be seen, and have been declared a monument.

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