Come and experience the “All You Can Eat” Rodizio at our Brazilian Steakhouse! The perfect dining experience for meat lovers.

The Rodizio Experience consists of two parts:

For the first part of your experience you can visit our salad buffet, which is filled with different types of fresh vegetables, salads and hot dishes. Here you are able to create and customize your own dish, and you can visit the salad buffet as much as you like.

For the second part “Gauchos” (meat cutters) will bring 10+ different cuts of Meat to your table. To signal the Gauchos that you’re ready for your Experience, you flip the token on your table to the green side. If you want to take a break or stop, turn the token to red side. This experience continues for 2 hours, as you get to enjoy all of the delicious flavors the jungle has to offer!


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