Curaçao Museum the oldest museum in Curaçao.

The Curaçao Museum (Dutch: Curaçaosch Museum, Papiamentu: Museo di Kòrsou) is an art and cultural history museum in Curaçao. The museum opened on 7 March 1948, and is the oldest museum in Curaçao which still exists.

In 1946, the Curaçao Museum Foundation was established by Chris Engels to create a museum about the art and cultural history of the Netherlands Antilles which was partially funded by the government and by the Curaçaoan community who raised ƒ 80,000 for the project. The museum was opened in 1948 in the former military quarantine hospital Mundo Nobo. The buildings date from 1853 and have been redesigned between 1951 and 1953 to form one complex.

The museum contains a large collection of objects of the past history like furniture, artifacts, and a traditional Curaçaoan kitchen. The objects date from the 18th until the early 20st century. There is a large collection of paintings, sculptures and drawings. The basement contains an exhibition of the Amerindian history of Curaçao.

The museum also contains the locomotive of the first mining railway, and the cockpit of the Snip, the first airplane to land in Curaçao from the Netherlands.

There is a botanical garden on the grounds with trees and plants which have become rare on Curaçao. The sculpture garden contains statues of the freedom fighters Luis Brion and Manuel Piar.

The Curaçao Museum regularly organises exhibitions of local and international artists. In 1954, it organised the first exhibition of Vincent van Gogh in the Caribbean. Artist who have exhibited in the Curaçao Museum include Hendrik Chabot, Edgar Fernhout, Wim Schuhmacher, Jan Sluyters, and Carel Willink. Eksibishon di nos Arte (Exhibition of our Art) is an exhibition which is organised every five years to showcase the local art scene.


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