Landhuis Groot Davelaar


Three storey structure following a centralized building concept. Octagonal three-storey core area covered with a tent roof and surrounded by two concentric galleries, the first gallery topped with a flat roof serving as a roof terrace and the second one covered with hipped ends. Profiled mouldings around core section and exterior gallery. Gallery façades laid out with arched openings separated by pilasters. Rectangular transverse section with kitchen and detached cistern. Small terrace with double stairs on east side, ditto with single staircase on west sides.

Monument value:

Architectural historical and cultural historical value as a well-preserved estate with cistern, unique on Curaçao because of its centralized set-up; architectural historical value because of the meticulous details and the roof construction; ditto because of the existing interior elements.

Construction period:

Around 1874

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