Landhuis San Juan

One of the oldest plantations of the island. Main building with rectangular floor plan laid out on elevated platform. One storey structure with core area surrounded by galleries. Hipped roof with dormers over core area, adjoining slant roofs over galleries. Full-frontage front and rear terrace. Additional structures include a kitchen, a fornu di pan and salt grinders on the rear terrace, a group of magasina’s with cistern connected with an aqueduct to the main building. Also a magasina, corrals and a graveyard enclosing a walled-in rectangular open area with gate in front of the main building.

Monument value:

Architectural historical value as a country estate with a core surrounded by galleries, a lay-out typical of Curacao; architectural historical and cultural historical value as a well preserved country estate; historical value as the site where the Spaniards surrendered to the Dutch in 1634; ensemble value as plantation complex with outbuildings and corrals.

Construction period:

18th and 19th century

Not open to Public.

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