Landhuis Savonet

Like Jan Kok, Savonet is one of the oldest country houses on the island. Moreover, this was a mansion of a large plantation. Together with another country house called Zorgvlied, the total area of ​​the plantation was 1,600 hectares. Hundreds of slaves lived on the property, who had to care for more than 2000 sheep, more than 800 goats and almost 100 pigs. The huts of the slaves were not of the best quality and unfortunately no traces of this can be found anymore. The country house, however, did, because the best materials were used here and the house was also given a major refurbishment every now and then. That was certainly necessary when the English invaded the mansion and set it on fire.

The oldest part of the buildings on the plantation are at the entrance. These outbuildings date from 1662. Today this is also the place where you can buy an entrance ticket and enter the Christoffel Park. So you can not only visit the old country house Savonet, but also admire iguanas in the park, for example.

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