Girly and sexy and a little sweet, cool

Wildly enchanting. Your favorite scents reveal forest fruits and unfurling florals. Ripened Berries, Apricot Nectar and Moonlit Woods. Discover the wild.  Love Magic Passionate Forest Pear. Apricot Nectar. Love Magic Passionate in the wild. Fruity Floral.

This is my favorite Body Mist so far in the V.V Love Collection. The rest is just not to buy again.

Spritz your body with the enticing fragrance, its range of soothing body mists . Choose your favorite and enliven your senses throughout your everyday routine. Its better than ever formula is long lasting and made to mix, blend and experiment with to customize your very own personal scent.

My Conclusion: It looks like a smaller size version of Victoria Secret packaging. Between these 2 Sunshine Love won. I will not buy them again.

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