The St. Michiel Bay is locally known as Boca Sami (literally mouth of St. Michiel) and is situated between the much smaller Blue Bay and Vaersenbaai. Vaersen Bay used to be the Curaçao Police recreational facility. It is now the popular Beach Club Kokomo Beach Curacao.

Sint Michiel is a small fishing village lying at the south end of Bullenbaai bay on the west coast of Curaçao. It is located 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) to the northwest of the island’s main centre, Willemstad.

Boca Sami was once defended by 2 Dutch West India Company forts. The ruins of the main fort are still visible today. These forts provided protection from French pirates and the British Navy though they were occupied by both in the 18th and early 19th Century.

About Boca Sami

Boca Sami is also the home of Dive Wederfoort, the first dive school of Curaçao, founded in 1955 by Eric Wederfoort. Today, you can find Eric and his wife Yolanda at Wederfoort Apartments.  These are beautiful apartments on the cliffs above Snake Bay which is another popular Boca Sami diving, snorkeling and beach location.

Boca Sami is a very large shallow bay that requires you to swim for some distance before you reach the drop-off. There is a large buoy just outside the bay where large tankers or oil platforms can moor. That means that the sea is deep enough there for these ships. The buoy is attached to a large chain in the bay. This is a very good distinguishing mark on your way back to turn into the bay.

The drop-off is about 45 degrees. In front of the bay the coral density is not very high but after 15 minutes to the right the coral density increased to about 100 percent. Over there the coral and sponges look also healthier. The coast line is not a straight line and the reef meanders back and forth along the coast. It is a nice place to dive.


Photos of Sunset at Boca Sami Beach.


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