Unique packaging design: This Lip Glaze has a lovely wine bottle shape and 6 lip colors to choose from.
Contains high-quality wine extract: it is waterproof and moisturizing, makes lips sexy and charming, and has stronger moisturizing and covering effect.
Waterproof and lasting moisturizing: it has a long-lasting color, does not fade for a long time, is waterproof, like a tattoo for 24 hours, and there is no color or flake falling off after drying, and the lips will not feel dry at all.
Durable: the effect is lasting and the color is maintained for a long time. You can use makeup remover or olive oil to remove lip gloss.
Wonderful gift for friends: inspired by wine bottles and novel design, it is a wonderful choice for festival gifts on any occasion.

My Conclusion: First thing it is not waterproof or eating proof. It goes off easily. But it has a long stay through, if you are eating for example. I do love it, it’s unique design, but one thing I don’t like retouching my lipgloss each time.

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