SENCE – Release Face Sheet Mask

Soothing formula I Perfect for normal skin

Product information

Treat your mind and face after a long week with our Sence Face Sheet Mask. This treatment is delighted with fragrances of eucalyptus and bergamot. Time to let your stress go!


– 23 ml
– Pre-treated face sheet mask
– Enriched with eucalyptus oil and bergamot

Sence Release

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out? Now is the perfect time to pamper your overworked and stressed mind and elevate your daily routine! The Sence Wellness Release collection offers you a beautiful range of personal care and lifestyle products. Thanks to releasing ingredients such as bergamot, ylang-ylang and jasmine, your mind will be de-stressed in a moment of time. Now you can take on the world! Feel the happiness from within!


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