The Micellar Water from Reveule Beauty and Care is a must for this November

Effectively cleanses the skin, removes make-up and other impurities. Active ingredients help to energise and restore skin tone. The Micellar Water helps maintain pH balance, accelerates cell regeneration and slows the ageing process.

Micellar Water deeply cleanses the skin with care. The active component of micellar water- micelles, are microscopic compounds that capture even the smallest contamination. They remove harmful substances without damaging the lipid structure of the skin, preserving its comfort and softness.
Vitamin PP reduces the loss of water from the epidermis by slowing the evaporation process and retaining water in the skin.

The Micellar Water helps to tone the skin and maintain skin elasticity.
Fision Hydrate Complex supports the barrier function of the skin and deeply nourishes skin. It provides long lasting hydration, whilst enhancing the skin tone, adding freshness and radiance. Micellar water gently removes make-up from the face, eyes and lips without excessive scrubbing, effectively cleansing the skin, removing impurities and sebum.

RESULTS: Removes make-up in one motion.
Effectively removes make-up / Accelerates oxygen flow / Refreshes the skin / Cleanses skin / Deeply hydrates skin / Adds freshness

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