A Day at the Beach Playa Lagun Curacao

Playa Lagun is a beach on Curaçao, located near the village of Lagún. PlayaLagun is located in a small bay. Surrounding the bay, an apartment complex has been built. The beach is used as a starting point for snorkeling. There is a snack bar and also a restaurant and dive school.

Restaurant & facilities

There are 2 restaurants near Playa Lagun! One is behind the parking lot, and one on top of the cliff. From that restaurant you can take a staircase to the beach. The view is great, and you can go to the toilet. That costs one guilder/dollar.

On the beach you will find plenty of shade and beach beds. Renting a beach bed.  You can order it at the restaurant on the cliff. In Playa Lagun’s restaurant they have ‘pets’; iguanas. The iguanas relax in the buttresses on the edge of the terrace or take a look at the terrace. During your holiday you will probably spot many more iguanas!

The paradise for snorkeling!

Playa Lagun is one of the most beautiful places on the island for snorkeling. The underwater world is really beautiful. You will encounter many different tropical fish. But seahorses are also spotted here, colorful parrotfish, sponges, stingrays and the special trumpet fish. Playa Lagun is, with Playa Grandi, the place to spot turtles.

Diving at Playa Lagun

Playa Lagun is very suitable for divers! Beginners and advanced can make a nice dive here. There are many corals and sponges under the rock walls. And you will encounter turtles, starfish, seahorses, lobsters and porcupine fish. With a bit of luck you will also encounter a lionfish or a moray eel!

Turtles at Playa Lagun

Do you want to spot turtles during your vacation? Then the chance is very good at Playa Lagun. Turtles visit the bay almost daily in search of food. Sea turtle CuraçaoThe best chance to spot turtles is in the late afternoon between 4 and 6 pm or early in the morning. Turtles always surface to breathe. So even when you lie on your beach bed, keep the water


Fishing boats leave early in the morning on the beach of Playa Lagun. In the course of the afternoon they return and the catch is prepared for sale on the beach.

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