Landhuis Dokterstuin houses a great restaurant (Komedor Krioyo)

Landhuis Dokterstuin is located in the west of Curaçao and dates from the end of the 17th century. The mansion is right near another famous mansion; Country house Ascencion. There used to be a plantation around Landhuis Dokterstuin that bore the name Dokterstuin. This plantation was also called Klein Ascencion at the time. The country houses or plantation houses of Curaçao are the most important cultural monuments of the largest ABC island.


Landhuis Dokterstuin is an impressive building with two floors. A beautiful terrace has been built at the front of the country house. In the center of Landhuis Dokterstuin is a beautiful central hall. Original Curaçao furniture can be viewed in this central room. The front and back of the monumental building also have covered galleries.


Both Landhuis Dokterstuin and Landhuis Ascencion are located on a site that used to be the site of an Indian village. This Indian village was called Ascencion. With an area of ​​526 hectares, Klein Ascencion was one of the largest plantations on the Caribbean island. After slavery in the Netherlands Antilles was abolished, the then free slaves could lease small plots of land from Klein Ascencion to grow crops there.

The government became the owner of Landhuis Dokterstuin during the second half of the 19th century. For decades, Landhuis Dokterstuin subsequently functioned as accommodation for government doctors. Landhuis Dokterstuin was thoroughly restored in 1996.

The plantations on Curaçao were initially intended to supply the trading ships of the West India Company (WIC). During its entire existence, the WIC deployed more than two thousand merchant ships sailing on the West. Over time, the WIC sold many of its plantations on Curaçao to Dutch traders and private individuals. These wealthy people then had impressive mansions built on the plantations, preferably in a style that they also knew at home in the Netherlands.

Current position

Nowadays, the covered garden of Landhuis Dokterstuin houses a great restaurant (Komedor Krioyo), where you can enjoy delicious local dishes of authentic Creole cuisine. Catering establishments are now located in many Curaçao country houses. Other country houses are arranged as hotels, museums, galleries, art studios, et cetera.


It is very easy to find Landhuis Dokterstuin for interested parties and culinary enthusiasts. You take the road from the capital of Curaçao to the Westpunt and after a while the beautiful country house comes into view. Landhuis Dokterstuin is located almost opposite Landhuis Ascencion.

The distance between Willemstad and Landhuis Dokterstuin is approximately eighteen kilometers. Landhuis Dokterstuin is open seven days a week from 09:00 to 19:00.

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