The beach offers relatively few facilities. There is a restaurant in the corner between the northern and eastern sides and there are some benches with awnings next to the restaurant on the northern side. The eastern side has palm trees that provide shade. The beach consists mainly of coarse sand with small pieces of shell. On the eastern side, the beach is separated from the water in many places by a strip of coarse pebbles or small rocks. The calm water is popular with snorkelers and divers , because here the coral reef starts quite right next to the beach, especially on the eastern part.

The beach here is formed by coarse sand and pebbles and is popular among snorkelers and divers because it is part of the underwater park. The residents of the island also like to come there. There are several small restaurants, the water is usually calm and admission is free.

Playa Caracasbaai – or Caracasbaai Beach – can be found on the southwest coast of Curaçao. Only five kilometers from the historic heart of Willemstad. This relaxed beach is located in the north of Caracas Bay, surrounded by other gems such as Baya Beach, Tugboat Beach and Director’s Bay.

A Piece of History: Fort Beekenburg

In 1703, Fort Beekenburg was built on the east side of the bay. It is one of eight forts on Curaçao, named after Nicolaas van Beek, the then governor. This fort was there to protect the island against the French, English and pirates. Today the fortress is home to bats, but in the past it was known as ‘The Castle’ because of its unique round tower.

Bats and Cacti: An Unexpected Connection

Interesting fact: on Curaçao you will find two species of nectar-eating bats, the long-tongued and long-nosed bats. They are super important for the pollination of cacti. Without these fluttering friends, there would be no cacti on Curaçao, and that would be a great loss for many animals, such as birds.

What does Playa Caracasbaai look like?

Playa Caracasbaai is a mix of coarse sand, shells, pebbles and rocks. The water slowly becomes deeper, perfect for families with kids. With palm trees and palapas for shade, and a steel pier you can dive from, it is a wonderful place to relax. Especially at weekends, the beach is the place to be for local families. They come here to have a nice barbecue, drink a beer, party and enjoy the sea.


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