De Buren, located on the most beautiful square of Curacao, guarantees good food, drinks and enjoyment. With happy hour every day from 16:00 to 18:00 & 25% discount specials!

Eetcafé De Buren is located in the middle of the historic district of Willemstad, Punda. Punda is the old and enchanting city center of Curacao and is characterized by its small streets and alleys full of color and life.

The name Punda comes from the Dutch word “de Punt”, which in Papiamento was translated as Punta and later corrupted to Punda. In the seventeenth century, the district functioned as the free port of Willemstad. In 1635 a fortress was built to protect the harbor entrance of Punda: Fort Amsterdam. The harbor is located on the eastern side of St. Anna Bay, where you can now find the famous eighteenth century colored warehouses on the merchant quay. Part of this district has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997.

Today you can enjoy shopping in the picturesque atmosphere of Punda. Settle down after viewing the huge ships in the St. Anna Bay or after shopping for a glass of wine or a beer and choose from the extensive snack menu. You can also come to us for a cup of coffee with something delicious, a hearty breakfast, a tasty lunch and a good dinner. De Buren also offers free Internet on the terrace. So welcome to De Buren, because a good Neighbor is better than a distant friend, isn’t it?

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