Sence Energise Collection

SENCE – Energise Face Sheet Mask

Soothing formula I Perfect for all normal skin

Product information

Mask yourself to new energy with our Sence Face Sheet Mask. As a result of the argan oil formula, your tired skin will get a boost of hydration, rebuilded strength and restored elasticity. Hello, healthy-glowing skin!


– 23 ml
– Pre-treated face sheet mask
– Enriched with argan oil

Sence Energise

More of the happy hormone, please! Whether you want to start your day with a booster or end your long week, our uplifting wellness collection is perfect for creating a routine to feel happy and energised. This Sence Wellness Energise range contains joyful ingredients of apple, cedar wood and musk to create a feel-good vibe in your house. Feel the happiness from within!


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